your story:

SO let me want off this ride?

Because this cycle makes you want to hide your body from the whole wide world.

and no matter how hard you try, you can't stop obsessing over your weight: past, present, and future.

You tell yourself:  "Just gotta get skinny for bikini season. Then life will be awesome and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and be seen again," or "When I lose the weight, THEN I can take that trip to Paris - and find a partner - and be respected by others - and get that new job....."


But here’s the question: How long have you let your eating and body hang-ups limit your life?

You are SICK and TIRED of a food rollercoaster that has you rising and falling so hard, it leaves you sick to your stomach. And the truth is?

You want off of this ride NOW. You are ready to...


*Against the SOUL-SUCKING deprivation (which never works). 

*And the compulsion, the sneaking brownies into your pockets, the 24/7 food obsession.

*And the whole damn body-shaming diet culture telling you you’re not worthy of LOVE (which you can really agree to disagree with at this point). 

So hop off this rollercoaster. F*ck the highs and lows that are controlling your self-worth. Because YOU. ARE. ALREADY. PERFECT. And you deserve something better and more sustainable...

A way of EATING, THINKING, and LIVING that actually works for you. A relationship with food & your body that’s REAL, DEEP, DELICIOUS, and SEXY! 

But where do you even start when you’re elbow deep in a jar of cookie butter?

You call ME.

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 My Story:


The story of how I fell back in love with me starts as all great love stories do: with a measuring tape and some cheese nips. When I was six, I was the flower girl in a wedding. We spent the day of the dress fitting in wedding-related excitement, and were pretty hungry by the time the tailor was squeezing a measuring tape around my waist. I was holding a fistful of cheese nips tight when she made a passing comment about my waist measurement. The words spoken next would change my life forever...


“We'll put you on a diet then.”

It was like the needle on a record had come to a screeching halt. For the first time in my entire 6-year-old life I felt SO WRONG. But it wasn’t just the crackers or the dress --- I felt like my entire existence, my being, was WRONG.

This began a domino effect -- a 30-year collapsing trail of dysfunctional eating. I believed my worth was tied to my weight, and to have a great life I needed a “great body.” I loved hated food and food loved hated me. Dieting and restricting gave me the illusion that I was controlling the “wrong” in me, IF ONLY TEMPORARILY.

But the diets were always foiled by bingeing and compulsive eating. I was drowning in desperation and pudding cups, and I couldn't figure out how to freaking stop. I was determined to find relief, so I dug deep into expert opinions, spirituality, depth psychology, and nutritional studies, hoping to find peace again.

Eventually the answer came…

This wasn't my fault after all. My willpower wasn't the problem! I was SHOCKED by the real solution. And the first step of SEVERAL was to ditch the DIETING...


“So, what, I’m just supposed to eat cookies for the rest of my life and all my problems will go away?”

Sounds like fun, but I’m gonna say probably not. ;-) Nonetheless, I HAVE unlocked the code (via my own epic fails and triumphs) to a relationship with food that keeps you sane, gives you freedom, and let’s you FINALLY enjoy life! Because..

“Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”

–Auntie Mame

how i help:


So what do I bring to the table (no pun) when I work with my clients?  

*Groundbreaking knowledge around food behaviors. 

*Tools for deep transformation that will change EVERYTHING for you.

*And my Secret Weapon? The ability ::brushes shoulder off:: to work with the Unconscious Mind to break old patterns and make NEW choices...

(AND in the process, feel more connected to our powerful, sensual True Selves - which could never be defined by a handful of cheese nips)... 


when I broke the cycle, it was more than a “before and after pic,” it was a spiritual awakening. 

When you GO DEEP to the ROOT of your eating stuff, you’re finally able to break patterns. You can finally eat like a "normal person,' LOVE yourself, and see that you're the most divine, sexy, amazing woman you’ve ever met...with the power to create whatever you choose for your life. 

I can’t let another day go by where I don’t help other women who are suffering like I was.

Point Blank - I can and will help you: get control of your eating, feel good in your skin, and be in your authentic power.