praise for amanda:



My whole life was based around feeling uncomfortable in my skin before this work. I would “overeat” and then feel horrible about myself.

I was convinced no one would ever want or respect me. The transformation I’ve undergone (thanks to Amanda) blows my mind. First of all, I eat ANYTHING I want without it spiraling into a bingefest. I can have just one of something. I generally eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. Now it feels so great to get in touch with what my body wants to stay vital. And pasta has lost its magical allure. Oh, and when my eating isn’t “perfect,” it doesn’t destroy me, because I know who I am now. I know my power as a woman in this world, and I’m starting to apply it to my life in amazing ways. I‘ve never had this kind of confidence before. It comes from the inside out. I’m alive.


Jennifer Bucolo-Christiansen      

PACU Nurse


It felt like an invisible demon was forcing me to eat too much all the time. I would feel compelled toward food, especially sugary junk, and sometimes overeat until I thought I’d explode.

After coaching with Amanda for a few months,  I remember the first time I was home alone with a house full of desserts and didn’t CARE. I had half a brownie, was over it, and went to do something else. This was a miracle for me. Now it’s my every day.

Alyssa Moesch

Retail Manager



I signed up for coaching because I felt there was an emptiness and a loneliness that I kept wanting to fill with Netflix and takeout, and I was tired of feeling disgusting.

I got so much more than I bargained for. My eating stuff was not about what I thought it was. Everything makes so much more sense now. Foods that were appealing or triggering to me are neutral now. Eating itself is neutral now. I get to choose, not some compulsion.

And I’ve never felt so bangin’ about my body. I’m becoming the Queen I always knew I was. This is the real deal.

Joan Moreno

Hair Stylist


Yes, my eating brain is way different now. Yes, the spell potato chips and cheese fries had on me has evaporated. And I’m thrilled about that. And my good body image days are on the rise!

But want to know what else I really got from this work? The ability to relate to others from a real place. Perspective on the meaning of life and how I choose to live it. An actual sense of self. A grip on my own mind. Bravery. Peace. Power. 

Nancy Koenig



Amanda is a fantastic coach! She really cares about serving her clients and her enjoyment of her work shows. She has helped me see many elements that were previously unconscious to me. Uncovering these has helped me feel freedom, peace, and happiness. What used to give me a lot of fear has gone away. Through her support I have been able to transform.

I have seen increased health, love, peace, wealth, bliss and fun through working with Amanda.

Marcella Diane Anglisano

Health and Love Coach



What can I say about Amanda as a coach and person?... She is one of the most beautiful, conscious, non-judgmental people I know. Her coaching style has allowed me to move forward in my life with greater ease and confidence.

She has helped guide me to living my life's purpose, achieving happier personal relationships, as well as connecting to my authentic self.

Her coaching has made me more aware that I have what it takes to live the life of my dreams! Her support continues to be tremendous in my life!

 Lindsay Grobman

Yoga Instructor/Health Coach                   


When I started working with Amanda, I was just stuck. In my job, in my relationships; I felt like there was nothing I could do to make things better. After a couple of sessions with Amanda, I started to understand parts of my mind that I’d sort of ignored, or didn't even know existed.Since I began my work, I've gone from being stuck, to moving so fast forward in my life!

I'm starting a new job with an amazing office culture and a fantastic pay raise!

After waffling for over 7 years and being miserable, I feel like I'm able to shed my old self and try something new and exciting! The best part? I can see this is only the beginning. There is so much more to move toward, and the best thing is that with Amanda, I'll be able to take on anything.

Samantha Gomez

Corporate Office Director



The way I was living my life before was keeping me in limitation. I have moved from only surviving - to living a creative life. My happiness before working with Amanda was so limited, fleeting at times.  Now I feel that my happiness is coming from inside of me, and I do feel the freedom to love and be loved more than I ever have. People see me and receive me differently now, in a more loving way. They say I look happier, and I am.

Amanda has made this process fun. To work with Amanda is to achieve your dreams in love, work, finance, and especially health.

 It will help you realize that you are the center of your universe. Then and only then is it possible to live your divine purpose in this life time. If you want to live and love passionately, this is the key to your divine living.

Deborah Van Wagner

Certified Advanced Rolfer


I look forward to every session with Amanda. Each time, we discover something new. I say "we" because she is right there supporting me. Then she lets me realize that I had the best solution all along!

Coaching with Amanda has helped me to identify where I was stuck in each area of my life: work, love, friendship, and family.

Recognizing this has helped me to become less afraid to face daily obstacles in my life, and move toward what I truly want. I couldn't have done it without her.

Marina Abbrescia Cummings

Singer/songwriter/Performance Artist



Amanda is more than a coach--she is a guide. In a joint journey to traverse daunting or uncharted territories of the mind, Amanda enables her clients' personal, professional and spiritual growth by providing a safety net of support and encouragement. She not only listens but actually hears what is being shared--she helped me to trace insightful connections by facing my inner roadblocks and approaching them with compassionate curiosity rather than as immovable obstacles. And her guidance extends beyond the sessions, in the shape of confidence-building exercises or (attainable) homework and in her genuine commitment to her clients' success. I was able to rely on her both as a catalytic sounding board and as a nurturing resource.

"I am grateful to Amanda most of all for reflecting back my wholeness and for rekindling my belief in the powerful magic of self-actualization."

Annie N

Professional dancer