Do I have your attention?

Thought so.  Because part of you already knows this is the life WITHIN REACH for you.

Here’s the truth: you’ve had enough hating your body, living in a vicious cycle between “clean eating” and cleaning out a box of cupcakes, and killing yourself on an elliptical. You’re done hiding. And you want to feel in control, normal,  and loved.

You want An existence with food AND the world that’s confident, sexy, spiritual and empowering.

Sound too good to be true? With my one-on-one coaching, it can be your reality.

I know you’re hungry for a self-love that’s real! And my guidance will help you have a relationship with food and body that’s empowering! (Pssst… side effects include sensual awakening, spiritual nourishment, and increased energy!)



Hi! I’m Amanda Scarcella, Emotional Eating Expert and Coach, and I help women like you feel powerful in their lives, in control around food, and in love with their bodies.

Together, we use research-backed tools to help you become a normal eater, quit the diet→ deprivation→ self-deprecation rollercoaster ride, and build a relationship with food that’s healthy and REAL!

I know where the real transformation lies, because I was my first client. I spent most of my life starving and stuffing myself, yo-yoing in weight, and watching my self-worth bounce around with it. 


How do I put this? IT SUCKED. HARD. But I don’t have to tell you that, do I?

Just when I was at the end of my diet-binge-cycle rope, I cracked the code by pooling all my resources: My diet-binge past, my advanced degree in Jungian Spiritual Psychology, my experiences at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, info from top intuitive eating experts, groundbreaking research on eating behavior. ALL of it helped me build a deeply peaceful relationship with food rooted in spiritual principles that changed EVERYTHING.

THAT is how I carved my path toward long-lasting change with food.


This is the life that is possible for you, too. I can take you there.


Because you are designed to evolve, awaken, and find that same freedom.



And it’s time.




Here’s what we’ll work on during our time together:

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Dig deep to the root of your emotional eating, to exist in a different way with food and your body. Uncover the grounded, blissful part of you that is unstoppable.


Work on the unconscious psychological level to find what’s keeping you in the same patterns with food (and life). Get tools to interrupt what's keeping you stuck.

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normal EATING

End your diet-binge cycle and make friends with food. Go BEYOND regular intuitive eating and learn spiritual practices that help you feel satiated.

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intuitive MOVEMENT

Discover personalized ways for movement to be a source of joy and empowerment, not of a dread-inspiring chore.


Discover how to feel badass in your body. Embrace your sexiness and find your dynamic way to connect your body to pleasure and delight.

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You can work with me in one of three ways:


the kickstart

3 Month shift


the breakthrough

6 month revolution



total freedom

9 month transformation


Your first step is scheduling your FREE Insight Session with me today.

… and finally feeling free around food.

What happens after our session?

*You'll have a whole new awareness about your own food/mind connection.

*If you feel the tingles and want more, you can apply for Private Coaching. I’ll send my coaching package breakdown, and we’ll get started!

*You’ll fall back in love with YOU and live an empowered life!

(NOTE: Coaching is a 4-figure investment, and is only intended for clients who are ready to take responsibility to change their lives FOREVER).

I want to help you feel SANE around food again. I want to help you feel CONFIDENT, spiritually ROOTED, and completely FULFILLED (without the extra, extra slice of pie). So, ready to REBEL? Apply Today and let’s spend tomorrow making friends with our food. ;-)